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World's Biggest Business.
"Butter & Guns" Economics

The Magic of Oil!

THE BANKRUPTCY BILL: "To Hell With Forgiveness,"
Saith the Congress

Lets list the Names of all Senators and House of Representatives who voted for the new Bankruptcy Laws to Screw the Poor who have only one Asset they have left...their home..(take away their homes for the Banks and Credit card compaines who are charging criminal rates of interest.)

We have the list!

The Foreclosure wave is a similar rape of the Middleclass by the Banks.

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What is Ailing America? (The Magic of Oil!)
From a Senator and Potential President of the USA
One more reason why the rest of the world does not want America's form of Capitalism;
Typical example of Laws designed by the Rich to take advantage of the Workingclass, Middleclass and Poor

"The trouble with today's techniques of finance (Capitalism) is that they're designed to make the rich richer.
None are designed to make the poor richer.
That's why the poor are poor. Because they're not rich."
(Louis O. Kelso, San Francisco Examiner & Chronicle, 1978)

Global Human Rights: I'm Confused?"

USA Capitalist "Greed Is Good"and Corruption.

***** SPECIAL on "Coop Shareholders" in America,
and their most important dream and investment: Their home/apartment.

This is a "Global Issue."
If the USA system of Democracy and Capitalism is designed to take the most important investment away from it's citizens (their homes), I doubt that the rest of the world wants our system of injustice. We would like the world to know just how it works.

Kick the workers out of their Jobs! Kill the "entitlement system" for the poor. Then, kick them out of their homes! Then pay themselves all the extra profit that makes for them and their businesses. Capitalism at its finest! USA demands that other countries, "follow our lead..become a demoracy, privatize your companies, install Capitalism's market driven economies. Dump your Middleclass and Poor.
"GREED IS GOOD" - American Movie series.

Every Day Greetings & Wish
from the NGOS. Network



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"A child dies
every 5 seconds
in our world. Every 3 seconds in Africa."

On our watch!

MDG Global Watch

Forgotten Country

Guns pouring in...

If you are an NGO
(Non-Governmental Organization) and
would like to be listed here

in a general category of "Global NGOs"

Send us your web site address and e-mail contact information.

... challenging the world to do more, ever more for children. "... to do better than this for children." - UNICEF

The USA is the only country in the world who has NOT ratified the UN "Rights of the Child" Convention. It use to be Somalia and the USA. But, Somalia ratified.

"When the lives and the rights of children are at stake,
there can be no silent witnesses."

Global Problems

Help for NGOs

Civil Society

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United Nations System


International Organizations

Private Sector

World Food Hunger,.. Even in
New York City, Financial Capital
of the "Super Rich Hyper-Empire."
If you are wondering about the SUDAN...
Who can stop this and why don't they?
Contact us for the real answers.

• Which countries have oil operations in the Sudan?

• Which countries are selling weapons to the Sudan?

• Which countires are Permanent Members with veto power on the Security Council at the UN?

Do you get the BIG picture?
What ever happened to, "NEVER AGAIN"?

• Successful Societies require Efficient & Effective:

1.) Good Government
2.) Private Sector
3.) Civil Society (including NGOs)
4). Rule of Law
5.) Virtue
All working together positively.

Stable, Safe and Secure societies, open to opportunities for all of their citizens.

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IRAQ, We offer you Democracy!

Figures above as of May 7, 2007

Eight Million People Die Each Year Because They Are Too Poor To Stay Alive.
Two billion people worldwide are starving or close to the edge. As the Rich continue to dismantle any form of "Entitlement" for the people "below" them. They are working hard on the last big entitlement left in America...dumping the Social Security System. The rich want to dump this "entitlement system" and make all the poor middle and lower class workers put their money in risky companies and the up-and-down stock market.
The Hard Core Right-Wing Rich Republicans (and alot of Rich Democrats) like to punish the Poor. They say, "The Poor are 'NOT ENTITLED' to any help, or anything. Let them get a job."
Just being Poor is enough punishment! They don't need any help from the Right-Wing Religious Rich.
What is Ailing America? (The magic of Oil!)

What is wrong with the Capitalist System?
These Parking Meters earn more every hour than 70% of the Worlds Populations earn in a full day.



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